Personality Tours

We are especially proud of the one-of-a-kind exclusive trips we arrange with celebrity hosts. These land and/or cruise vacations are focused around the interests of our celebrity hosts — music, food, wine, history, photography, etc. — and always include a variety of unique and enriching experiences.

Whether you are a small group of friends, a couple, or a single traveler, our celebrity trips are a great way to get the most out of your vacation. The planning is done for you. You just show up and enjoy the wonderful activities and the camaraderie of new friends who share your interest. In addition to our celebrity hosts, we have a representative onboard to make sure that everything is done for your comfort and safety. 

You never know what wonderful escorted travel opportunities are just around the corner. Come back to our website often and see what's in store.

Upcoming Celebrity Sailings

Survivorman Les Stroud Eastern Caribbean March 2020

Previously Hosted Celebrity Travel

tony dovolani banner

Dancing With the Stars, Tony Dovalani, hosted a fun-filled, totally delightful Western Caribbean cruise in 2018. Dance lessons, private parties ... all fabulous!

Hanna Show PosterThis wonderfully entertaining Caribbean Holiday with wildlife expert Jack Hanna was one of our most exciting sailings.