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Alice Travel Staff

Our Travel Advisors are, without a doubt, second to none. All of them have many years of experience in the business and, because they have traveled so much on their own, are able to share first-hand knowledge of the places they’ve been and to arrange every detail for your door-to-door pleasure and comfort.

Join the excitement! Plan a new adventure!

Choose a destination from your bucket list or ask one of our travel advisors for suggestions to whet your appetite. 


Stuart Rothenberg, President, Alice Travel Worldwide Group

Charlene Failla, Travel Advisor

Cindy Cardella, Travel Advisor

Claudine McLachlan, Travel Advisor

Elaine Baker, Director of Operations

Erika Gold, Travel Advisor

Iris Brown Citron, Travel Advisor

Jo Ann Seely, Travel Advisor

Noreen Keene, Travel Advisor

Paula Fertik, Travel Advisor

Rachel Zeitchik, Travel Advisor

Talya Rothenberg, Special Projects Manager & Travel Advisor