Best Places to Travel in March

Planning a trip this March? Here are a few suggestions!

March is a month of transition—to spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn south of the equator. It’s not too late to find snow for some late-winter skiing or snowboarding, and in Manchester, Vermont, you can enjoy winter sports along with local maple syrup, made from sap gathered in early spring. If you can’t wait for summer weather, head to the Caribbean for warm tropical beaches.

In the U.S., March is ideal in Death Valley, where wildflowers may be blooming and the weather is comfortable for exploring. In New Orleans and New York City, March brings St. Patrick’s Day festivities, but you can also enjoy the many museums and great restaurants these cities offer. A spring visit to Washington, D.C. for the National Cherry Blossom Festival is a lovely experience, and there’s plenty to see in the nation’s capital. Austin, Texas is the perfect destination for music, nightlife, breweries, and the annual rodeo.

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If a trip to Europe is your idea of a perfect spring vacation, visit San Sebastian to enjoy its scenery, seaside location, and marvelous dining, ranging from Michelin-starred restaurants to casual pintxos. Australia is recovering from its tragic bushfires, but tourism to unaffected areas continues, and visitors are welcome.
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