Create the Ultimate Staycation!

Can't Travel but Still Have the Travel Bug? Try Our Tips for the Ultimate Staycation!

Due to the worldwide effects of COVID-19, many have chosen to self-quarantine in an effort to slow the spread of the disease. Though many companies, parks, and museums have chosen to offer virtual tours and live streams, it's just not the same! 

These online options are fantastic, but sometimes they're just not enough. You'd be missing out on some of the major benefits of travel, like lowering your stress level, experiencing new cultures, and overall better health. 

Until the travel ban is lifted, try our tips for the ultimate staycation and bring the travel experience home today!

1. Try Cooking an Exotic Meal!

Though your supplies may be scarce, you can make a delicious meal from another country to give you a real taste of travel. Try cooking some pasta with meat sauce and a glass of red wine for some Italian flair, or jazz up that instant ramen in the cupboard with soy sauce and scallions for a taste of Japan!

2. Mix a Cocktail from your Dream Destination!

Why not check out your liquor cabinet to mix up a cocktail for a destination-inspired cocktail night? Missing Mexico? Shake up a margarita for a taste! Not cruising the Caribbean this year? Try a rum-based cocktail for some fun in the sun flavor. We're sure we don't have to remind you, but please drink responsibly! 

3. Use Some Free Time to Learn a New Language

Still hoping to plan a trip in the future? Why not prepare yourself by learning the local language? Not only will it make the trip easier to navigate, but learning a new language helps stimulate the mind by improving your brain's memory, flexibility, and creativity. While many of us are stuck at home, why not try a demo from Babbel or Rosetta Stone to prep for your trip? You'll be happy you did once you're able to converse with the locals!

4. Experience Nature without the Crowds

If you're still aching for some fresh air, why not take a walk in your local park? According to a study conducted by Stanford University, experiencing nature increases dopamine in our brain, making us happier and more content. Even with social distancing, you're able to get out into nature and enjoy yourself! If you're getting a little stir-crazy, a walk along a nearby nature trail might just be the cure!

5. Make Your Own Spa Experience

If you're eager for some pampering, why not treat yourself to a day a the spa at home! Enjoy an essential oil steam in your shower, hydrate with some fruit water (try watermelon and canteloupe for a tropical taste!), or even pamper yourself with a bubble bath. If facials and body scrubs are your go-to treatment, you can create a scrub yourself with things found in your pantry! According to Christina Stephens, spa director of Wymara Resort & Villas in Turks and Caicos, you can mix brown sugar, coconut oil, and olive oil, with a few drops of essential oils, for a homemade scrub. Give it a try and treat yourself!