Destination Weddings

What could be more romantic than getting married at sea?

Perhaps that is why it is becoming the ultimate destination wedding. It is an affordable, efficient, and fun way to combine your nuptials with a honeymoon for
you and a vacation for your guests.
Whether you want to elope at sea during sunset, bring your entire family to watch you exchange vows on a Caribbean beach, or trek to the top of an Alaskan glacier to say, "I do," a cruise ship wedding can make it happen.
In speaking with the Alice Travel Worldwide Group, Travel Advisors, they have come up with not only pros but also a few cons as well. Here is a smattering of both!
The Pros: 
Affordability: Packages can start at a modest cost, to fit a simple and lovely ceremony. Of course, add-ons can be made, allowing you to incorporate all your dreams on this special occasion.
Wedding Planners: Most cruise lines have a dedicated team of wedding planners who will organize and schedule everything on your behalf.
Unforgettable Photos: If photos are your thing, a cruise ship wedding offers some of the world’s best and most creative backdrops, both on the ship and at port. You can hire a full photo team from the cruise ship, complete with edited and printed photos, or do it yourself.
Fun: The most important aspect. Couples have reported great success with getting married on cruise ships. They tend to have a party-like atmosphere, and nothing makes people more excited than a wedding.
The Cons:
Other Passengers: If you prefer privacy on your wedding day, just remember that you may not be the only bride on the boat. Be prepared to share the spotlight.
In-Laws: Inviting family on a cruise ship for your wedding means they will also be there on your wedding night and honeymoon. Does that work for you? It does for some, but not for others.
Paperwork: Getting married at sea or in a foreign country can be complicated and require paperwork in advance. Some couples get married legally at home and simply have a ceremonial wedding on the ship.
Seasonal Surcharges: Because cruise weddings have become so popular, some lines tack on fees for getting married on Valentine’s Day and preferred wedding months, such as May and June.
Here are just a few of our travel partners offering Cruise Weddings!
Questions or Concerns?
Our travel advisors will be happy to give you direction and assist in planning your big day. If cruising does not work for you, perhaps we can advise you on a land “Destination Wedding”!