Elaine Baker
Director of Operations

Being part of my clients’ adventures never gets old. Although I started working in the travel industry when I was a teenager ... and continued for the last 43 years ... I still love bringing my clients’ travel dreams to life!

As a travel industry veteran, I have worked in many capacities including corporate, independent and group travel. In my role as Director of Operations, I wear many hats but, above all, I make sure that all of our Alice Travel clients are more than satisfied with our service and advice. It's important that we go above and beyond the merely acceptable and make sure your journeys are superlative, seamless, and memorable.

In addition to my role managing our Group Travel Department and overseeing our travel advisors, I continue to book and plan travel for my own personal clients. They rely on my expertise, good listening skills, and attention to detail. I don’t sleep well unless I know I have been thorough and made my guests happy!