Getting Social While Social Distancing


Getting Social While Social Distancing

Social distancing is a very important part of stopping this pandemic, though many people aren't sure of its significance. By keeping away from other people and minimizing our close contact with one another, we can slow the progress of this disease and its progression.

That being said, we are social creatures, and the need for companionship can often seem more important. We're here to tell you that you CAN have it both ways!

Take a look at our blog and see how you can still interact with your friends while keeping yourself safe!

1. Try Hosting a Movie Night

With the rise of the Coronavirus, many companies have come to the forefront with movie and TV show sharing ideas. Apps like Netflix Party, Scener, and Watch2Gether allow you to host a virtual movie night to share with whoever you'd like. Use your Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Video log-in, pick a movie or show, and invite your friends via the provided link to watch and enjoy with your friends. All you'll need is a bowl of popcorn and your favorite blanket!

2. Start a Book Club

Everyone seems to have a Kindle nowadays, so why not put it to good use? Expand your imagination and start your very own book club with your closest pals. With Kindle Unlimited on your Amazon account, you can enjoy up to 10 free books every month! Suggest one to your friends, relax and read it as you please, and discuss the finer points of your chosen novel. 

3. Take an Online Class Together

Many websites like Brit + Co and Class Central are now offering free classes to people who sign up online. Not only can you have a fun activity to try with friends, but maybe this is the start of a brand new hobby! Everything from new languages to arts and everything in between, why not make the most of your downtime by learning something new? 

4. Join a Virtual Happy Hour

The New York State Brewers Association has now been promoting their ingenious idea of a virtual Happy Hour! With the lines between home and work blurring together, why not join in the fun and get some much-needed socialization while staying safe? For one hour each night, a different brewery hosts a Facebook Live event where customers and beer lovers alike can join in, ask questions, and learn more about beer than they ever thought possible! The themes change every night, so it's a great chance to connect with friends and strangers alike. 

5. Get Fit with a Virtual Workout

Plenty of gyms and workout gurus are hosting their own online sessions for all to enjoy. Though the concept of pajamas may be too much to resist while working from home, it's important to keep yourself active and healthy! Invite your friends or your workout buddy and give one of these classes a try!