How to Cure Your Wanderlust

If You're Anything Like Us, We're Sure the Travel Bug has Gotten to You Too!  

Check out this latest blog for our best ways to curb your wanderlust!


1. Learn a New Language

When the time to travel comes again, the best way to engulf yourself in a new culture is by learning the local language. Eliminating the barriers between you and the local population is a fantastic way to learn more about your chosen vacation spot and maybe uncover some hidden gems along the way. By learning a new language, you can take one step closer to that goal!


2. Plan Your Next Bucket List Trip

Even if you can't get there just yet, planning a trip is sure to take the sting out of being stuck at home. Look up destinations, read up on the local attractions, and immerse yourself in facts about your next coveted travel goal. Learning about your next vacation spot is almost as much fun as being there yourself!


3. Try a New Cuisine You've Never Tasted Before

With so many cookbooks, blogs, and websites out there, finding a new realm of cuisine is just a click away. Whether you wish to recreate a recipe from vacations past or are eager for a taste of a future destination, try looking up recipes from your next exotic adventure to experience this new world from the comforts of home.


4. Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

Not all travel has to be completed far from home. Discover new places to visit, right in your own backyard! See what you see every day from a tourist's perspective and you just might be surprised at how refreshing this change of viewpoint will be. Try a new restaurant you've never been able to before. Why not look up some hidden gems online in your own town to visit? Who knows what you'll find if you put in the research!


5. Bask in the Memories of a Past Trip

If your wanderlust sparks up and the need to travel arises, why not look back on a past trip and remember the good times? Looking at photos or videos of a previous adventure will help stir up those exciting emotions and memories that we all know and love from traveling to a new destination. If you're crafty, maybe try printing out those photos and creating a travel scrapbook to keep those memories at hand whenever the travel bug bites!


6. Recreate a Hotel Experience in Your Own Home

Sometimes we all need to take a moment and treat ourselves. What better way to enjoy the luxuries of a hotel by creating an at-home luxury living space? If you enjoy room service, order some delivery for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If a night at a hotel means pampering yourself, indulge in a warm bubble bath before lounging in bed. And if the mood strikes, maybe splurge on some hotel-worthy sheets and pillows to create some luxurious sleeping arrangements.


7. Curl Up with a Travel Book

There are so many travel books out there, both fiction and non-fiction, to enjoy. Reading and taking your mind on a new adventure can be just as rewarding as taking the adventure yourself! From cookbooks, photo books, novels, and more, finding a great travel book is a surefire way to defeat the wanderlust blues.


8. Try a New Activity

Many people enjoy the opportunity to try something new when they go on vacation. Even if you're stuck at home, you can try one of the hundreds of online classes, available at your fingertips. Learn a new language, try a new hobby, or just learn something new with online classes, seminars, and more!


9. Change Your Routine

A new vacation destination means a new change of scenery, but you don't have to travel somewhere new! Even a trip to the grocery store can provide a much-needed change of pace just by taking a new route. Try a new course to a familiar destination and who knows what you'll find? 


10. Take Care of Your Future Travel Needs

Though renewing your passport might not be the most exciting pre-vacation activity, doing so now will prevent much-need stress relief for future you! Taking care of all the pre-trip tasks before you travel in the future can help make that future trip much easier to plan. Replace that old suitcase with the broken zipper, research credit cards with travel rewards, and tackle the tasks you normally hate to take care of before your trip in your downtime. Your future self will thank you!