Rachel Zeitchik
Travel Advisor

While growing up in Israel, a small isolated country, I was fascinated with the idea of exploring the world. I started working for El Al Airlines while attending college and this enabled me to begin my travel adventures.

After my studies were completed, I began a new life in New York and took a travel course at New York University, opening the door for me to the travel industry. Not long after, I joined Alice Travel, and for more than 35 years I have been planning people’s travel and dream experiences. In that time, I have developed loyal and sophisticated clients who are curious and have discerning taste. They rely on my commitment to excellence and ability to design and plan out every detail of their journeys with knowledge, expertise and know-how.

The most exciting part of traveling for me is experiencing new places, learning different cultures and enjoying amazing local cuisine. I also love to check out new hotels and cultural sites along the way. Throughout my many travels, one of my most memorable trips was a recent safari trip to Kruger Park in South Africa. Interacting with exotic animals and wildlife while glamping in amazing and luxurious sleeping accommodations went beyond my expectations.

I am able to advise and create an experience for you that will also exceed your expectations.