Sustainable Travel: What Does It Mean?

You've Heard the Term "Sustainable Travel" Before, but What is It Exactly?

Tourism can provide an incredible economic boost, sure, but it can also be harmful to the environment and put pressure on local populations. Like anyone, I'm sure you've scrolled through your phone, through the news, and have seen the results of overtourism all over the world. Various locations are suffering from too many tourists at once, resulting in all kinds of negative effects. From litter to off-trail hiking to burdening the locals, sometimes tourism hurts more than it helps.

However, there is a silver lining: sustainable travel! We, as tourists, have the chance to reverse these adverse effects by taking steps to fix that which we've destroyed. Many destinations have taken matters into their own hands by placing rules and regulations in place to help limit their amount of visitors, adding fees to support fixing the environment, or even diverting tourists to other, less populated attractions.

We don't have to leave it up to the destinations to make the right steps. As a visitor, you can take all sorts of precautions to help maintain the beauty and majesty of the places you visit!


Traveling abroad can mean a lot of fast, to-go style meals, using plenty of plastic and non-recyclable materials. By bringing your own water bottles or using recyclable and compostable materials (like paper straws), you can drastically lessen the amount of litter you create AND your carbon footprint!

Follow ALL Posted Rules & Regulations

Have you ever wanted to head off the marked trail in search of that perfect Instagram pic? Many locations have suffered from wandering tourists for this and other reasons, but many don't realize the damage they cause! Places like Machu Picchu and the Great Wall of China have suffered from wandering tourists for years. By trampling on the ruins or taking away stones from the structure, they're unknowingly chipping away at an irreplaceable landmark!
By obeying the rules and regulations put forth by the tourism board of your destination, staying on the marked trails and respecting the location itself, we can preserve these locations for years to come.

Investigate New Locations and Methods of Transportation

Cars and buses are the easiest way to tour, but the emissions they give off can be harmful to the environment in ways we don't even realize! Try a hiking or biking tour for a new approach to the city, walk through downtown to discover new sights, or even find a lesser populated attraction to visit. You never know what gem you'll find by taking the road less traveled (literally)!


Overtourism is a plague on many destinations around the world, but it's not too late to make a difference and save these amazing locations! Ask your local tour guide for more sustainable tourism tactics!

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