Talya Rothenberg
Special Projects Manager & Travel Advisor

Talya has been traveling and cruising with Stu Rothenberg, President of Alice Travel, for many years and joined Alice Travel's staff two years ago as a result of her passion for travel. She supports the group travel department, assists in special projects, and advises and coordinates travel for independent travelers. She assists in Marketing as well!

Talya is a Signature Travel Expert and arranges every detail for our clients' journeys from the moment they step out of their homes until the time they return. She loves to help find the best hotels, tours, and experiences while leaving you time to relax and enjoy the adventure. She especially appreciates being able to facilitate plans for clients with special needs so they, too, can experience the joy of travel.

Some of Talya’s favorite experiences include creating an unforgettable meal with a group of friends in a chef’s home outside of Barcelona, rappelling down a hill in majestic Majorca, and meeting the Austrian Princess Sophie in her castle in Melk. Talya believes that the experiences are the moments you remember -- you cannot just look -- you need to feel it, taste it, and move into it.