Tour the Galápagos Islands!

Visit an island unlike any other!

The Galápagos Islands is an island chain, unlike anything you've ever seen before. Located off the coast of Ecuador, these islands have remained mostly untainted for millions of years. Over that time, this archipelago evolved in a way unlike anywhere else on Earth, boasting a unique cast of plants and animals.
Though pirates had been visiting these islands as early as the 1800s, their most famous visitor was Charles Darwin, a naturalist and father of modern evolution theory and natural selection. He spent 19 days on these islands, studying the flora and fauna in 1835. In 1859, he published his works in an infamous book called On the Origin of Species, which first introduced his evolutionary theories (and the islands themselves) to the world! Due to overwhelming popularity, in 1959, the islands were named Ecuador's first national park. Today, more than 275,000 people visit the Galápagos every year to see the distinctive animals and landscapes for themselves.
Alice Travel is proud to have a team of amazing travel partners that offer this location as a must-see destination. We offer cruises and private excursions for a once in a lifetime, up-close look at the islands and its native inhabitants.
Go with Lindblad Expeditions to meet the wildlife, from sea lions and blue-footed boobies to giant tortoises and Darwin’s finches! You can search for penguins on stark black lava at Sullivan Bay on Santiago, swim in a secluded cove on Santa Fe, snorkel in crystal-clear water at Sombrero Chino, sail across the Equator into the flooded caldera at Genovesa, a seabird paradise, and wander among sea lions and land iguanas on Plaza Sur. It's up to you!