Travel to Australia!

Australia is open for business and ready to welcome travelers!

Before we begin, let's answer the most important issues on everyone's mind:

As of today, all Bushfires have been extinguished.

95% of Australia was unaffected by the fires.

Australia is about to the size of the continental USA, and the total area affected by the Bushfires is roughly the size of the state of Indiana.

Most of Australia is as beautiful as ever!!

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Without a doubt, Australia has been through some very tough times recently. The Bushfires in various regions of the country caused serious damage, as well as loss of lives, property, and wildlife. But as of today, Australia is open for business and ready to welcome travelers! Hotels and lodges throughout the country are offering special rates and promotions for travel in the coming months.
Here are two examples:
Park Hyatt Sydney is offering a 4th night free

Qualia resort in the Great Barrier Reef is offering 4th night free

In addition, as of February 7th, 2020, Qantas, Australia's National Airline, is now offering a nonstop service between San Francisco and Brisbane. The flight runs up to 3 times a week! On the 20th, Qantas will also offer a nonstop flight from Chicago to Brisbane, four times a week, making this the fourth longest flight in the world!!
Tourism is alive and well in Australia, and they're ready to welcome you!
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